Perfect Conditions Are Gifts

November 14, 2012 — Leave a comment

You ran in this weather?!

Yes I did. We should all run in bad weather. Or more generically, we should all (Insert verb) in/while (Insert adverse condition).

Why? For two reasons:

  • It allows you to say YES! If you plan on doing something but decide against it, ask yourself, why? When you say no, there is often a reason and if that reason is an excuse you should say yes.We say no and make excuses because there are obstacles we are to lazy or afraid to overcome. These include weather, temperature, money and fear. Obstacles are supposed to prevent you from succeeding. They aren’t supposed to prevent you from trying.  Obstacles are interchangeable and if you can say yes to overcoming one you can say it to the next one.
  • It gives you perspective. I see fair weather runners all the time. They are never happy running. They hate it even when conditions are perfect. I run in bad weather because it allows me to appreciate the days where conditions are perfect. We can’t always have perfect conditions and if we only practice or perform during these times those people who are willing to overcome obstacles will quickly surpass you.

The Art Of Adaptation: If used properly obstacles can make for the perfect conditions.

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