Time Deservers Respect

November 28, 2012 — 2 Comments


Time is money.

This is a very common saying we hear in our capitalist society.  Of course time isn’t really money.  Time is time and with your time you can either be working to make money or any number of other things on your priority list.

With my time I like to:

  • Work to make money
  • Spend time with my daughter and family
  • Practice Taekwon-Do
  • Study for university
  • Read
  • Volunteer
  • Write
  • Play music
  • Hang with friends

These are not in any particular order.  Some of them are almost universally seen as important places to spend your time.  Such as working because we need certain resources to live and things are not usually given to us.  Also, spending time with my daughter because when you are responsible for another human being it isn’t just enough to make sure that person stays alive.  They, she, needs love and a relationship to help her develop mentally as well as physically.

Now that we have established just a pea of the importance of time, what do you think it means when you or someone else is late?  Honestly, make sure you have a conversation and get your facts straight first just to make sure the reason isn’t something that really could physically prevent someone from arriving at their destination on time.

If there is no good reason it means that they don’t respect your time.  They don’t respect you.  They don’t respect your commitment and desire to use your time wisely for the sake of all the important things I listed above.

I’m very forgiving but as you get older time seems to become more scarce and to be honest, it is counting down.  The Law Of Scarcity would have that for every second that passes every remaining second becomes more scarce, there are fewer seconds left and therefore each is more valuable.

There comes a time when you need to ask, maybe even demand respect, or figure out some other place to invest your time.

The Art Of Adaptation:  An appointment is a litmus test for respect.

2 responses to Time Deservers Respect


    What do you think is the most common excuse for being late? Or some of the more believable and effective ones?

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