How To Nutshell A Year & Tackle Obstacles

April 22, 2013 — Leave a comment

A year ago yesterday my daughter was born.  That also means I’ve been a father for a year.  If those first two sentences seem redundant, believe me, they’re not.  They’re absolutely two different and independent facts and events.


It’s definitely necessary to assess situations more often than yearly but at the one year mark you have enough information to nutshell what has happened and figure out what you’ve learned.  This information is important to identify because it’s going to help you make decisions in the future.

It doesn’t matter what you’re nutshelling.  It could be a new experience, work, family, sports.  Anything you’ve done for a year.  There are 3 key things you are looking for which will be placed into what I call a statement of learning.

Those 3 things are:

1. What were my major challenges.  For me I think one challenge of being a father is how hard it was to adjust from my lifestyle of being an athlete and a young go-get’er out of university to someone who could provide a little more security and independence for a family an individual (baby).

2. What were my results.  I look at the methods I knew and used to take on my challenges and analyze whether they were effective.  If yes, great.  If not, I use that information to learn and adjust my methods of problem solving or find new ones.  An example of this would be after identifying the financial challenges having a child naturally creates I would need to restructure my life so that I could overcome that.  So I applied for a new job.  Of course this isn’t the only reason I threw myself into a competition for a new career opportunity but it definitely played a role.

3. How I feel before and after.  I look at this through the process.  I check my feels’ along every step of the way.  There is something very natural about feelings and intuition which has been selected as a trait to be carried forward in humans.  Meaning, they’re useful and we should at least consider our feelings.

After I write out the 3 things I need to nutshell my year I move on the my statement of learning.  The formula is as follows:

1. Initial feeling –> 2. Challenge –> 3. Result —> 4. Feeling/Adaptation

Here is mine.

Becoming a father was initially overwhelming.  Especially when I thought about the financial challenges it would pose in the future.  This played a role in my decision to pursue a new career.  A new career has afforded me greater financial security and more peace of mine.  Now I feel better about my prospects of overcoming financial obstacles.  In a nutshell I learned how I can overcome this specific obstacle.

The Art Of Adaptation:  Nutshelling is a skill and an important decision-making tool to use if you are going to adapt.

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