Technology is putting you out of work. Unless..

June 12, 2013 — Leave a comment

My job with an online marketing agency has made me fully realize something about technology and our futures.  This isn`t a new trend or movement in the employment landscape nor will it stop anytime soon.  Technology is becoming more advanced as I write this.

Technology is eliminating and changing the skills which are required to work in your industry.  At the same time it is allowing people from around the world to compete for a job which would have in the past only been known and available to those in close proximity.

What does that mean for the individual?

It means that companies have more resources and options at their finger tips.  The more resources (employees) options companies have the less they have to pay to retain them and thus the slippery slope we are in now.  You see companies outsourcing work overseas for a fraction of the cost and choosing to leave behind trained qualified people.

On the other hand this creates more opportunities for people to compete for the jobs they would like to do.  It also allows companies to really select the best fitting employee because they have more options.  There are pros and cons.

The Art Of Adaptation:  Skills are now less valuable now.

Success in this market will depend on your resourcefulness and ability to adapt.

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